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Tree Care Services

Tree Care Services

Professional Tree Care for Commercial and Residential Clients.

We are a company dedicated to the professional care of trees. Established in 1996, we are the first tree care company in the Georgetown/Horry County market to be owned and operated by an I.S.A. Certified Arborist. Since then we have been directly involved the preservation of thousands of feature and landmark trees, and we currently have thousands of acres of urban forest under our care.

Professional Services we provide:

Specialty Pruning

  • Pruning for proper growth, building clearance and increased sunlight to turf grasses.
  • We don’t top trees nor do wear climbing spikes during tree care operations.
  • We adhere to current pruning standards.

Lightning Protection System design and installation Click Here to Learn More About LIGHTNING Protection!

  • We regularly protect trees from lightning damage.

Annual Fertilization and Scheduled Tree Care

  • Maintenance agreements custom tailored to your needs.

Tree Planting and Relocation

  • Our tree spade makes moving and planting trees easy, and our tree farm is stocked with beautiful live oaks that are ready for your yard or landscape.