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Corona virus update, Updated March 16, 2020



It’s the very core of what we do here at Total Tree & Lake Care. Healthy trees and healthy water are our passion, and they have been for well over two decades. We are also exceedingly passionate about people. Our clients and our team members define us, and our love for them runs deep. Accordingly, we want to be as responsible in our care for the people we care about as we are in our care for trees and water.


We are all aware of and concerned about the spread of corona virus. We are going to responsibly approach this personal health concern in the same measured manner in which we approach tree and water concerns – through the gathering and application of well reasoned science. As with tree related sciences, personal health science can evolve as new information becomes available. We will endeavor to closely monitor both. Our credo, “Two Decades of Proven Results Through Professionally Applied Science”, has never been more relevant and it will continue to guide us in our daily activities.


Based upon the science we’ve seen to date, we are already taking the following steps to help protect our clients and teammates;
1 – We are aware that many of our valued clients may fall into what is now being defined as the “High Risk” category. In an effort to serve anyone who feels they may be “High Risk” or possibly infectious, or who may just want to prudently practice Social Distancing, we are offering full telecommunication service. We will call you when we arrive at your home, and you will able to stay inside while we assess and/or care for your trees. Your Professional Consultations, Estimates for Service and your rendering of Professional Tree Care Services can all be conducted without fear of infectious contact. Even our billing can be done electronically, with no risk of surface contact transmission.

2 – We are avoiding shaking hands. Please understand that we are always happy to see you, but will be using the “elbow bump” in place of handshakes for the time being.
3 – We are constantly washing our hands. Apparently, that is the single best preventative measure we can take right now.
4 – We are still performing consultations, providing estimates for tree care and executing professional tree care services on a daily basis. We plan to continue doing so until further notice.
5 – Our teammates have made a promise to you and to each other to stay home if we feel sick.
6 – We are closely monitoring the information and science being shared by government officials and will continue to respond in accordance with their directives.


If you’re reading this message, then know that your health and well-being are of paramount importance to us, even more so than the health of your trees & water. We look forward to safely interacting with you throughout this challenging period.



Thank you for your friendship, for your business, for your trust and for your continued support!

Todd W. Stephenson

I.S.A. Certified Arborist
I.S.A. Qualified Tree Risk Assessor

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It is our specific mission to be the most prompt, professional, and proficient tree care specialists. We will constantly seek knowledge as certified arborist. We will use the best tools and the most effective techniques. We will share our knowledge. We will save, beautify, safeguard, and plant trees. We will perform to the absolute best of our ability and ask God’s blessing in everything we do.

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