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Tree Health

It’s the very essence of Arboriculture, just as shrub and turf health is the essence of Horticulture. Everyone wants healthy trees and shrubs. Healthy woody plants look their best, bloom their best and protect themselves best from insects and disease. That’s right, a healthy tree or shrub will require the least insecticide, the least fungicide and the least ongoing corrective care.

Ten years ago, after seeing the poor results rendered by commercially available tree fertilizers, our Arborist and Owner retained the brightest minds in plant physiology and soil chemistry to rethink tree health in urban environments. They quickly determined that synthetic minerals were not the answer. The answer to tree health lies in the forest, a tree’s natural environment. The forest floor is tree growing nirvana. Forest floor nutrients are natural, not synthetic. Forest soils are alive with beneficial microbes, fungi and bacteria. The key to tree health lies in the miracle of decomposition. The constant breakdown of forest litter, compost, feeds forest trees. The difference between healthy forest trees and problematic urban trees lies in the lack of a forest floor.

In response to this need, we developed a Compost Extract that can be applied to soil surrounding urban trees. Our Compost Extract renutrifies urban soils with the natural minerals, microbes, fungi and bacteria of the forest floor. The results were immediate. Our Compost Extract has been used on some of the most valuable and well known trees on the Southeast Coast. And now, because of it’s low cost and incredible effectiveness, it’s being made available to reputable tree and landscape professionals throughout the Southeast.